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As a Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Coach and Trainer

I walk with youths and young adult leaders who feel stuck in their journeys towards become their

ideal creative selves.

We believe in holistic excellence here:

it's time to move towards your ideal physical state, and to cultivate a sharp and creative mind with the power of NLP, isn't it? 

NLP Coaching
and Training

Perhaps deep down you believe that you are destined to be greater.

And you’re Right

You can be empowered, even as you listen to the voice deep within yourself to

Keep Moving Forward



NLP Coach and Trainer  

Certified Coach (Collective Change Institute)

Theatre Academic 

Artistic Director of Split Theatre

What is NLP? 

a.k.a  “neuro-linguistics programming”

As for Me:

Neuro-linguistics programming is the use of language to influence how we think about who we are and what we do.

How willing are you to redefine what 'youth' means?

How much do you want to see things differently? 

How surprised would you be when you find yourself empowered to make the change?

How ready are you to take your first step towards what you really want?

As for You:

You are always too young to get stuck.

Youth is part of who you are - it's your aliveness and the inner voice that you seek.

With NLP,

You will move towards what you really want.

You will see new paths opening up.

You will hear your inner child again.

You will find concrete steps to take.

You will be your greatest creative self.

“The purposeful use of
  your mind’s power.”

Lindley Craig,
President of NLP Assoc. Singapore