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It's time to say/do something - try neuro-creating!

Join us for a weekend of neuro-creating as we use the medium of drama to move just one step forward and more. If you are languishing right now, this IS the course for you.
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It's time to say/do something - try neuro-creating!

Time & Location

Jul 03, 9:00 AM GMT+8 – Jul 04, 5:00 PM GMT+8
Singapore, 9 Wallich St, Singapore 078885

About the Event

There are many reasons why we feel stuck in a problem situation. And when that happens, we may find ourselves feeling helpless because we cannot control many of the things that are happening to us. You might even be in a space where it’s just so difficult to say what truly matters to you – and that’s painful because we, as human beings, are meant to say something. We are meant to have a voice that speaks out. We are meant to create.

Perhaps you are languishing, and because of that, you feel less motivated than you used to be:

"It wasn’t burnout — we still had energy. It wasn’t depression — we didn’t feel hopeless. We just felt somewhat joyless and aimless. It turns out there’s a name for that: languishing. Languishing is a sense of stagnation and emptiness. It feels as if you’re muddling through your days, looking at your life through a foggy windshield. ... In the early, uncertain days of the pandemic, it’s likely that your brain’s threat detection system — called the amygdala — was on high alert for fight-or-flight. As you learned that masks helped protect us — but package-scrubbing didn't— you probably developed routines that eased your sense of dread. But the pandemic has dragged on, and the acute state of anguish has given way to a chronic condition of languish." 

- The New York Times

What would happen if this languishing could stop?

Join us for a weekend of neuro-creating as we use the medium of drama to move just one step forward and more. You will

· gain insight into how your brain works during problem situations (or when you are languishing), and in so doing, discover how you can begin moving forward in times of ‘stuckness’

· experience the mind-body connection and how movement can influence your mind

· release unwanted tension in your body as you choose to move and to create

· embody different forms of learnings about yourself while creating

Please note that this course requires participation in some physical activities. Should you have any questions on this, please let us know during your pre-event coaching session and we'll make the necessary customisations for you.

Neuro-creating is a combination of Neuro-linguistic programming tools and drama elements. Split Theatre has been using this combination in their devising/creation process and the journey of re-enactment has led to the activation of hidden resources within the performers. Through neruo-creating, they have found answers within themselves to issues that they had been stuck with for a long time.

Here are what past participants of 'Neuro-creating' have to say:

“There is something cathartic about telling your own story. However, sometimes it can be challenging to verbalize truthfully what it is that you're trying to say. Through NLP, Darryl helps us to look deeper into ourselves to distill the essence of what we're trying to express and shape it into a coherent movement piece. In the process, we learn to build a physical score and make associations, which helps us become stronger storytellers.” (Hoe Wei Qi, 26)

“Doing drama with Darryl has given me the opportunity to realise what I am struggling with within me. Even if I do not come to a resolution, the process itself helps me to spend time processing an incident/emotion, and I learn to co-exist with it, and I have developed another language to articulate pain.” 

(Lim Ci Xuan, 25)

“I have been feeling stuck for a long while, both as a person and as a storyteller. The exercises demand spontaneity, and we are made to/encouraged to let go of our thoughts, our inhibitions and just go with our instincts, to listen to our instincts. I must admit that I was terrified – suddenly, I could not hide behind my defences and instead, have to become more vulnerable. But it is precisely through these exercises that I find myself being able to connect with my mind and my body, which have so long been so foreign to me. I have learnt to be vulnerable to others, and to myself, and just let myself flow. Through NLP, we learnt to not only dig deep within ourselves but also learn how to create, to speak out, and to share what we have with others.” 

(Ella Wee, 23)

"Going through Darryl’s experience of exploring one’s story is very cathartic. His sensitivity to one’s stories makes one feel safe to explore our own stories a little bit more deeply. Even when topics can get a little bit difficult and hard, Darryl is able to facilitate the discussion such that it is still comfortable for the explorer. After attending a few sessions, I've also learnt that it’s important to keep an empty head and let things come naturally, and after being able to do that, I realised how an empty head may actually help you figure out the knots in the heart! Thanks Darryl!"

(Clement Yeo, 21)

"Working with Darryl has always been a refreshing, surprising and often times reflective experience. I am allowed to explore my own thoughts, feelings and physicality without judgement and with careful guidance. I am led to challenge myself and create, even as I move out of my comfort zone. It has been an extremely rewarding experience." 

(Mabel Yeo, 29)

Trainer: Darryl Lim is an NLP trainer and coach from You Matter NLP Coaching and Training, as well as the artistic director of Split Theatre. Split Theatre is known for working with the personal stories of actor-participants, giving space for each person to say something in a safe yet empowering way. Here’s an article on our latest production: Hands Up! Darryl is also a theatre academic/practitioner who researches on self-development through drama. As creators (yes! you can be a creator!) work on themselves and re-create personal stories, there are possibilities through which they can come to certain realisations for themselves. It's all about activating the resources that are already within us to help get us unstuck in life!

Event Timing: 3rd and 4th July, 0900-1700 hrs for each day (seminar lunch and two coffee break sessions with 3 snack items for each day, as well as Nespresso coffee & TWG Tea selection throughout the event)

Supplementary Coaching: All participants will be entitled to ONE 90-minute coaching session before the event and ONE 90-minute coaching session after the event. 

Expert Programming: Hearing from you at our pre-event coaching session will allow us to understand your needs. Customisations will be made to the activities to ensure that you get the best value for your best learning and growth! 

Venue: Sofitel

Price: S$500

Early Bird: Reserve your spot before 15th May 2021, 2359hrs and pay only S$425/pax. (Simply use the code EARLYNEURO when you check out.)

Modules to be covered during the weekend:

Module 1 - Setting the Stage 

[NLP Presuppositions | Being At-Cause | Vicarious Experiences | Enactive Mastery]

Module 2 - Crafting your Story 

[Present State | Desired State | SPECIFY Model | Embodying Knowledge with Physical Theatre]

Module 3 - Expanding the Context 

[Neurological Alignment Process | Writing from the Unconscious]

Module 4 - Creating Pathways 1 

[Mis-taking | Risk-taking | Fighting the Mind | Relinquishing Control]

Module 5 - Moving into the Unknown 

[Belief Change | Improvisation Work | Finding Pivoting Points | Creating Knowledge | Mind-Body Connection]

Module 6 - Creating Pathways 2 

[Mis-taking | Risk-taking | Fighting the Mind | Approaching Authenticity via an Ethical Relation]

Module 7 - Consolidating the Self 

[A Hero's Journey | Designing Action | Searching for Accountability]

Feel free to contact me via the chat on this page if you have questions. Do leave your email/contact so that I can get back to you! Alternatively, you may contact me via the form at the bottom of the page, and we can arrange to meet for coffee/tea to find out more about your needs - drinks on me! :)

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