Your Mission

Watch the first module of

'Your Identity, Your Goal, Your Communication' and find out what you're meant to do in this world.


In times like these, knowing our mission can help us to align our steps in life with what we truly want.

For just S$9.99/-, you'll be able to rent this video for 24 hours. The video will provide links to download the following NLP resources that you can continue to use after your rental expires: 

1 x Infographic (NLP Model of Change)

1 x Mission Identification Process Sheet

Should you want to get lifetime access to the entire course, click the link that shows up on the video at the end of the module.

The link will provide a coupon code that will give you S$9.99/- off the original price of the course. This way, you wouldn't be spending more than the original amount getting the course!

At You Matter, we seek to provide excellent value for your learning and we will keep on seeking to improve our training and coaching services.

A lifetime access to the course therefore means that you will get access to any upgrades or improvement made to the course in this lifetime. 

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