Back to Phase 2? How can we still be in control?

Hi, I'm Darryl.

Below, you'll find resources like my coaching services and 

free reading resources just for you. My blog's available too.

The Back2Phase2 package, though contextualised in Singapore, 

is nevertheless an offer for anyone  around the world.

We'll be chatting through zoom - anytime, as long as I'm available!  

Stay safe! 

Coaching that Makes a Difference

  • Excellence Package

    Coaching that Makes a Difference for Your Change
    Valid for 3 months
    • Six NLP Coaching Sessions to be utilised within 3 months
    • NLP Assessment Tools and Processes for your change
    • Six After-Session Reports on your progress
    • Unlimited Whatsapp and Email Support for your growth
    • If you require an installment plan, please contact us.
  • Let's do this.


    Let's talk, shall we?
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1 Coaching Session (over zoom)
    • Ignore lofty goals for now
    • Talk through your emotions and thoughts about the pandemic
    • Discover what you can do despite the pandemic
    • Set small goals for yourself amidst the pandemic
    • Or simply find comfort being who you are during such times
  • Back2Phase2 Package

    Every month
    Let's talk, shall we?
    Valid for 3 months
    • Unlimited Coaching Sessions (Over Zoom)
    • Sessions must be spaced out (at least 6 days apart)
    • Post-session work must be completed before next booking

Alternatively, you may read my Back2Phase2 musings for free.

You matter, and let's be encouraged each day to soldier on - do remember to sign up as a member of the site to get email updates on my Back2Phase2 musings. Click on the picture below for more. Find out who I am as a coach here.


Listen to our key message from You Matter:

NLP Coaching at You Matter


Past coaching clients include young emerging corporate team leaders, entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, and artists.

I specialise in helping people achieving their bodybuilding, education, and creative goals through NLP and coaching.

Isn't it time to reach your ideal self - physically, mentally, and spiritually?


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Find out more about your coach: Darryl Lim

What's for You:

Perhaps it's a dream position that you want,

or an aspiration that you have,


or a habit you're kicking,


or a relationship that you're fixing,


or even a physique that you're working towards.


Perhaps you are at a crossroad or a transition point in life and you feel 'stuck'.


Here's from Me:

My passion is for the young adults of our world today.


Let not others despise your youth.


Youth is not a matter of age - it's a matter of vitality, energy, and passion. 


Shine today for who you are is important and beautiful.


Get 'unstuck' and move towards your ideal self today.


Single sessions can be booked at S$150 per session.

[Check out the Back2Phase2 offer during this period of time.]

Total cost includes:

a) Coaching session preparation time and follow-up (averages 3 hours of time per coaching session)

b) After-session reports completed and sent to client three days after each session

c) Use and cost of all assessment tools and NLP process tools developed by You Matter

d) Unlimited phone/email communication as needed

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