Back2Phase2 - Which direction?

Updated: May 20, 2021

One common worry that many people might have would be the fact that 'uncertainties without' breed 'uncertainties within'. When we see that Singapore is seemingly 'moving backwards', and as we hear about the daily number of cases rising each day, we might feel as though the 'direction' is wrong and when we choose to see that 'regression' as an unfortunate part of our lives, we begin to feel a frustrating sense of helplessness.

Because there is absolutely nothing we can do to change those circumstances outside of us.

Or can we?

I remember someone saying before - that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Others say that when we change our 'inside world', we inevitably change our 'outside world' as well. How can we do this? How can we be at cause even as we look at our current situation?

In NLP, being at cause is about knowing that you have a choice. It's about knowing that you can choose to do or say or act or react in a way that creates a reality that is unique to you. It's about knowing that you can cause things to happen because you are in control.

Being a really enthusiastic bodybuilder, I sighed in exasperation when I heard about the gym closure for the next three weeks. I really hated the way things 'went downhill' during the circuit breaker period last year and the first thought that came into my mind was, "Am I going to return to that physical state again?" To put into context, I have been training really hard for the past six months, and I have cut my body fat percentage from a whooping 26% down to 14%. I hated the fact that 'things would go downhill' or that 'things will be disrupted' because of the gym closures all over the country.

But I know - deep down - that it is definitely possible to be at cause. Instead of waiting for things to happen, instead of merely lamenting about the loss of an avenue to exercise, I have decided to create a plan for myself to stay fit, eat healthy, and to come out of the 'three weeks break' even stronger. I believe I can. What about you?

Look at the situation right now. How can you be at cause? How can you decide to do something? How can you choose something awesome for yourself, so that you can create a reality that you really want for yourself? Even as the situation is somewhat 'regressing' out there, how can we still be progressing in here? ;)

Choose your direction today, will you?

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