Being a successful artist is so bloody hard!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I guess the title resonates with you. I know this feeling because I'm an artist myself. And at times I really feel like I've hit a brick wall. This is so bloody hard. How can I create without the pressure of earning money? How can I just do my art without looking at it as a business?

With the ever-increasing pressure to write grant proposals, to come up with new ideas, to improve our skills as artists, and to comment on whatever that's happening in society, things can get really overwhelming and we may end up losing focus on our work - the reason why we chose to do this in the first place.

I remember my first role as a drama student in primary school - a circus manager who was about to close his show because no one would come. The circus manager started blaming everyone but himself and soon enough, more workers left and.... I cannot really remember the ending.

It's cool though - that I cannot remember that ending. The content is no longer available because my brain has deleted it. And it's now up to me to create that ending.

If I were to tell you right now that there are limits to what you can imagine - that there are limits to what you can create... I'm sure you'll disagree right away. Oh come on, all the world's a stage man.

So... why should there be a limit to what we can create in our life journeys as artists?