Darryl's Daily Doughnut

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Fancy an NLP titbit for each day? A doughnut can be seen as a personal snack, as a treat to be given to someone, or as a mere reminder that we need something sweet in our lives each day.

I remember as a kid, when my mum used to walk home with me after an afternoon of errands and we would walk past a bakery. As someone who loved being the same, I only had two options in mind each day - I would either get a hot dog bun, or a doughnut, and that was it. As a child, I also had a sweet tooth, so I normally just went for the doughnut, because it was just awesome to have that fried sugary dough melt in my mouth. Of course, I couldn't have it my way all the time. Having doughnuts every single day would have been a disaster and it was fortunate that my mum didn't allow that!

You may be wondering at this moment - why doughnuts? They are so unhealthy! Why would I use doughnuts as an image for the tips you'll get each day?

I recently read an article about the manipulative nature of NLP and it really got me thinking: that's bloody crazy! I'm not here to say that the article is false, and in fact, the whole notion of eliciting states and anchoring touch... that's all possible! And because that's possible, it's powerful. NLP is powerful, and when that is the case, NLP practitioners have the responsibility to use that power ecologically. That is the reason why our NLP practitioner certification courses at You Matter takes into account empowerment. We want you to use NLP to empower, and not to take away power from others. The doughnut that you receive each day can be consumed as a snack, or be given to someone else, or be used as a reminder of the sweetness that you can have in your life. I hope that the image of the doughnut will remind you of the possibility of harm and the constant need to be responsible as you gain more control over your life, your decisions, and your choices each day.

It's up to you - how you want to use NLP. And I trust that you'll make the ecological choice. Look at the big picture and the greater good of mankind.

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Here's your doughnut for the day:


In NLP, there are many levels of change that a person can go through. The levels constitute: environmental factors, behavioural factors, capability factors, belief/value factors, identity factors, and spiritual factors. Using the metaphor of chess, we can represent the various levels of change with the different chess pieces. Pawns are like specific behaviours - there are many of them, and they are limited in their activity and can only move in one direction. Knights, bishops, and castles are capabilities. They have a unique range of movement. The queen represents our beliefs and values, and she can create the greatest impact in your game. Finally, the king is your identity. It moves and develops slowly, and when it is destroyed, it's 'Game Over'. What do you notice about change? How can we move towards deeper changes each day?