Fighting Stagnation

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

We are not meant to stagnate. Instead, we are meant to grow. The thing about being alive is that we grow. Every moment that passes by should be a moment of growth. And when we find ourselves 'marching on the spot', the easy decision is to accept that as 'who we are' and be 'contented' with life.

I repeat. That's the easy decision. Because no movement is needed. We don't have to move.

At all.

There's this thing: this 'in' thing about having a growth mindset nowadays. And it's definitely great to have one! It keeps us aware that things around us can always be better and that possibilities are always out there.

In NLP, we reframe so that we can see things from a different perspective. Things change as we transform them with a change in ourselves and a consequent change in our ways of thinking. And these changes are great. These changes can help us get 'unstuck' in life, though here's the key step that people often miss out: they stop in their tracks.

That's inertia.

The first step forward is difficult because it is a change. We face uncertainties and unknowns. We may even get overwhelmed by the choices in front of us - too many to count and so many 'what ifs'!! As we begin to see things from a different perspective, there's likely a fear that creeps in. Things are foreign and strange after all. And it's damn scary.

And we still need to find a way to move forward and to create new paths, so that we walk around that insidious and unassuming thing: stagnation. It's easy to fall in, and before you know it, you've been 'marching on the same spot' for years. In some cases, this may look like 'contentment', while in other cases, frustration may kick in when one becomes aware of his or her entrapment.

Before I dove into full-time entrepreneurship, I was frustrated with my situation at work. I wanted to move forward so badly because I knew my mission in life and what I wanted to do, yet I was stuck. And after looking into myself and being honest with myself, I found that fear lurking at the back of my head. It was really difficult to move out of my stable and monthly-paying job because there were too many unknowns out there. Nevertheless, I knew that the move was inevitable, especially if I wanted to be in control of my destiny and journey towards who I could become. And so I designed my journey with a simple equation:

Make the ideal irresistible + Make the first step known = Stagnation no more!

It worked for me. And I'm sure this reading has been beneficial for you, hasn't it? How will you make your ideal irresistible and your first step known today?

And here's a more detailed analysis on how your brain works. We'll walk you through the process through which you can get 'unstuck' and fight stagnation: find out more now.