Get coaching as you support the arts!

Simply put, coaching is a conversation that you have with a trained person, who would then become a sounding board and a facilitator for your change. Should you be feeling overwhelmed, in distraught, or simply confused about a present situation, a conversation with a coach can help you see more possibilities and options ahead of you! Think of it this way - we may, at times, get stuck in a situation because we are too 'into it' and our vision may naturally become narrowed. It is in times like this when we would benefit from a coach who will guide and turn you towards new understandings and learnings. If you are a self-development guru, this is for you! What's even more cool at You Matter is that we do NLP coaching as well as the conventional methods of coaching, so if you need certain tools to kick start habits and strategies, or you want to go through certain NLP processes to change a deep-seated limiting belief that you hold onto, you're in the right place!

You Matter NLP Coaching and Training works closely with Split Theatre to create change, and as we create change person by person, we hope that each person would continue to create changes in their own spheres of influence, and that's when a ripple effect starts: soon enough, we hope for more people to become empowered to take charge of their own lives and their own destinies.

Split Theatre is a not-for-profit society that relies heavily on funding from patrons and from government bodies, so your support will count A LOT! In exchange for your support, a donation of S$40 and above to Split Theatre will entitle you to a free 1-hour coaching session that you can book right here. You may support Split Theatre via the QR code below, and indicate in the comments of your booking that you have made a donation! Thank you again!