Neuro-linguistic Programming for the Gym Rat

Updated: May 5, 2021

Like whuttttttt? I'm sure it's the first time you're hearing about this, and let me share with you how NLP has taught me, the gym rat, how to get ripped!

Number 1: The Map is not the Territory

Every body is different. And we must know that. Following someone else's exercise regime and diet plan may not give us the same result because we have different limitations, different abilities, different starting points, and different thresholds. Knowing this concept allows me to be patient as I start to fully understand what my body is capable of and how I can eventually see what I want to see in the mirror every morning.

Number 2: That Mind-Body Connection

Our minds are capable of sculpting our bodies. If only we allow our minds to. Live as though you're already at your ideal state and your body will have no choice but to conform to that ideal. Imagine for a moment right now that you have the body that you want. Give it more details. What exactly do you see? Hear the voices around you saying what you want them to say about you. Hear your inner voice of satisfaction and feel the feelings inside you. With that image in mind, make your everyday choices and decisions and you'll see how things change over time. It's easy to do that, isn't it?

Number 3: No Failure, Only Feedback

The thing about getting ripped is that you'll just have to keep going. Learn to forgive yourself for 'so-called failures', especially when it comes to missing your workouts or 'screwing up' your diet. It's easy to screw up your calorie count for a meal and decide that "Hey might as well just give up the day's plans". That will only push you further away from that body you want to get. Keep going - and know that each 'mess-up' is only feedback that will bring you closer to your dream one day. Get the habits and strategies in place and you'll be fine. Just as long as you do not say that you have failed and cut that journey short. No failure, only feedback my friend!

Number 4: Get that anchor in place!

Setting up anchors can be really fun and it'll motivate you to keep on working out. You can set an anchor with four conditions in place: an intense experience, a peak state, the anchor's repeatability, and the anchor's uniqueness. Choose a body-weight exercise that you can do in the gym and that shall be your anchor. Over the next week or so, if you ever get really excited or feel really good for any reason whatsoever, amplify the feeling inside you until it is at its strongest and execute that chosen exercise immediately. Stop the exercise after a while, shake it off and psyche yourself up again to get that intense positive emotion. When you reach that state, execute that chosen exercise again. Shake it off, and try setting the anchor again. Do this for a few times. That shall be your anchor of excitement from now on. Build up the anchor by executing that exercise whenever you feel really excited. As you continue your exercise regime, always begin with that exercise and soon your mind will associate excitement with the gym. And there you go! It'll work wonders in helping you stay on track for your workouts! You'll look forward to them!

Number 5: Move from blame to outcome.

It's easy to be distracted from your desired outcome - that ideal body - if you're constantly looking for excuses to justify your current body shape. You can put the blame on your busy schedule and you may even put the blame on your body type. It's also not uncommon for one to put the blame on the impossibility to eat proper food or eat well because of the non-availability of healthy food. Yes, you can find things to blame or focus on the outcome and the goal. You take the same amount of time and effort for each of them, so why not focus on your goal and make it happen? If you want to know how to set achievable and empowering goals for yourself, contact me for a chat and we'll make things happen for you! You can also check out our online goal smashing programme, "This Turning Point", through which you will use NLP to get whatever you want.

How much do you want this?

Tired of giving yourself excuses for not achieving your goals? Read more about how we can use NLP to get to our ideal states here. It's a choice that we can make.