Stuff about the unconscious

And so our conscious mind is in control of thinking, perceiving, and judging, while the unconscious mind takes charge of many, many other things like our memories, emotions, behaviors, habits, beliefs, and values. All of these elements influence how we perceive this world and our resultant state changes according to this perception. For instance, I believe strongly in the need to be just and fair in all areas of my life. Thus, whenever I perceive a situation to be one of injustice, I'll get quite worked up. There were a number of times when my behavior became over-the-top or even irrational because of my encounter with injustice! With NLP and self-coaching, I soon realised that I had to deal with some issues I had with being cheated when I was younger. I had to deal with the beliefs and values formed when I first encountered those experiences. In NLP, we usually work on the level of the unconscious so as to create permanent change in our perception and behavior.

One key thing why NLP creates change is that it uses language - the way we say things - to influence the unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is a servant who follows orders and listens to everything you think, say and do. That's the thing - everything is followed. The Linguistic aspect of NLP is the way we manipulate language so as to create certain presuppositions for ourselves and our listeners. In that manner, a mere response to a question posed can mean ACCEPTANCE of a belief or value that changes our perception of this world. For instance, let's look at the following statement that You Matter uses to create change:

How far do you want to go?

Notice the presupposition in the statement above. By answering the question above, you accept that you will move and it is only a matter of how far. As we look towards our goals and intended outcomes in life, how much do we want them? That's the question to ask. And as soon as we respond, we are telling our unconscious mind to make changes, so that we eventually get to where we want to be. Amazing, isn't it?