The Truths about effective NLP coaching

Truth #01 - Effective NLP coaching can be totally useless.

YES! Did you know that NLP Coaching can be TOTALLY USELESS? One key presupposition of NLP is that Your Results are Your Responsibility. And I'm not going to mince my words. Change comes from YOU and you must be willing to take action.

Think about it this way. Someone hires a fitness coach and invests $2000/- a month to get a concise personalised exercise and nutrition plan. He prints out the plan, laminates it, frames it up, and puts it on his bedroom wall. He looks at it everyday and imagines success, but he never gets down to working towards it. He skips his appointments at the gym and chooses to eat whatever he likes. 6 months later, he still hasn't reached his goals.

You can hire the same coach with the same monetary investment per month. You stick to the plan and you are absolutely convinced that you can get to where you want to be. You take responsibility for your progress and you are accountable to the coach and to yourself. You eventually reach your goals and you see how far you have come. You know what to do for the rest of your life because you have discovered the resources you have and can find the other resources you need to get what you want. Coaching puts you in control.

Conclusion: Effective NLP coaching puts you in control.

Truth #02 - Effective NLP coaching can be a total waste of money.

YES! Did you know that effective NLP Coaching can be a total waste of money? After paying for coaching, or after paying to be trained in NLP, one has to get back to life again, and boy! Things wouldn't change if we insist on using the same strategies despite knowing that we have the power to change.

Think about it this way. Someone approaches the swimming coach to get over the fear of entering a pool. The coach empowers the person to discover and understand that the human body can naturally float on water if we allow ourselves to do that. He or she returns home and feels excited about the newfound knowledge but decides that entering a pool is still dangerous and consequently avoids the pool altogether. Years down the road, someone asks, "Why haven't you gotten a coach to help you with this?" And the person says, "Oh, I did. But it didn't help. It was quite a waste of money."

You can hire the same coach and you discover the same power you have within. You learn that you are capable enough to move out of your comfort zone to get what you really want in life. And you challenge yourself to make even more changes in your life and years down the road, when someone asks you about a pivotal moment in life that you remember, you offer, "Yes, coaching helped me discover how far I can go."

Indeed, it's not going to be effective if we're depending on the NLP tool or on the coach to make the change for us. NLP is not fairy dust. You are the one making the change.

Conclusion: Effective NLP coaching empowers you to make change.

Truth #03 - NLP can be manipulative.

YES! Did you know that NLP can be REALLY MANIPULATIVE? That's because it is powerful. Take a look at NLP at work here: Making Someone Colour Blind

I have personally experienced workshops in which people trained in NLP have used music and shouting to stir up emotions in people, only to compel them to make promises to themselves and others in a heightened state. Yes - we get promises that way, yet change does not happen because participants are compelled to change and to become someone they are not.

In my world, what's most important in NLP is to help people discover the RESOURCES within themselves to create possibilities that they want to have. That takes time, and is ultimately powerful and effective for long-term change. The power of NLP, in the right hands, can change lives as we discover how far we can actually go.

Conclusion: In the right hands, effective NLP coaching is powerful.

How surprised will you be with permanent change?

So, what do you think? Will NLP coaching be effective for you?