What am I grateful for? Day 10

Yesterday was kind of tough. Last night the ulcers formed in my mouth caused quite a bit of pain, and I had quite bit of difficulty swallowing solid food. In fact, some stuff felt quite tasteless too, and eating dinner became a chore. Yeah those were kind of the side effects that my speech therapist told me about just yesterday.

For radiation therapy to the head and neck, they usually assign a speech therapist to teach us exercises to prevent long term 'damage' to the muscles in the face. I think seeing the therapist was quite helpful because I became aware that my jaw was getting rather stiff - and I really needed to get the daily exercises going so as to prevent permanent/long term damage. One exercise that I was taught was the opening of my mouth wide for about ten times each morning and moving the jaw from side to side too, so that its range of motion does not reduce over time.

A sudden thought came to mind. Some of my close friends would probably tell me: "Good la. Talk too much, now your mouth smaller." Hahaha.

On a serious note though, I am grateful for the speech therapist assigned to me. She was really sincere in ensuring that I understood what I could do and control to prevent any long term side effects. And I now also know that I have to see the dentist more regularly, so that I can maintain my dental health. I think it's something to do with the rate at which my gums would heal and the fact that one of my saliva gland has been affected, and with less saliva, my teeth would probably need more attention.

Four more days to go!