What am I grateful for? Day 4

It's the final radiation dose for the week, since Friday's a public holiday. Everything went smoothly as usual, just a slightly different encounter today: the radiation therapists finally struck up a conversation with me. Hahah it's funny how I was really too 'into' things for the past three days and in that process I overlooked the fact that I'd been seeing the same people for three days without having a humane conversation with them. It's easy to be too 'self-absorbed', isn't it?

It was a simple exchange with the group of therapists and what struck me the most was their cheerful demeanour in a place like that. It was a sharp contrast to the gloomy atmosphere that hung over me the past few days. And I'm actually really grateful for that. One statement from one of the therapists struck me: "You're too young to be here!" It got me thinking.

It was a really kind comment filled with empathy, for they had probably just verbalised whatever that's been on my mind ever since the diagnosis. And yet again, being a person who loves challenging absolute statements, I thought to myself, "What specifically is too young? How can I make use of this age to empower others who may enter the room after me or others who may be looking on from the side? How can youth be a source of self-empowerment as well, where I'm privileged enough to have the strength to dig into for this journey?"

Coming back to the 'journey', I noticed a slight discolour-ing on my left ear (where the treatment takes place). It bothered me for a bit, and I went to google la - see if it would disappear. It would! After the treatment ends! Can la. Now I'm looking forward to the restful weekend ahead. Before I return for the next dose on Monday :)