What am I grateful for? Day 5

It was a 'rest' day of sorts for my treatment. Apparently the hospital doesn't do radiation treatment on public holidays and weekends. (Makes me wonder... what if we have a couple of weeks with public holidays?)

Anyway, nothing much happened yesterday. Just had quite a bit of an unhealthy meal - fried chicken and all - though with lots of water at the end of the day. Cannot play ah... Dehydration can happen sometimes! I think for the third day of treatment I felt rather dehydrated when I woke up on the fourth day. And that was despite the fact that I was consistently drinking! Need to drink more!

One really cool thing I'm grateful for is that when I looked into the mirror this morning, the size of the tumour became visibly smaller! WOOHOO! I have always been quite consciously aware of that thing jutting out of my face, so I was really glad that the left side of my face is becoming similar to the right side already! I wonder if treatment could be cut short because of its effectiveness? A question to ask the doc next week :) And yes I'm still really grateful for the people who have been asking me how things are going, people who would very intentionally offer their help on things, and people who would simply keep silent and give me the opportunity to speak or to rest during such times of fatigue and frustration.

Support systems are really important. We are all social creatures and experiences with people can help to alter and expand our limiting beliefs. As we are loved and supported, that's when we grow. That's when we thrive. That's when we are moved to a place where we can be empowered to love more, to grow more, and to give more.