What am I grateful for? Day 6

I woke up feeling great. And yes - when I looked into the mirror, I was thankful once again that the size of the tumour was indeed significantly smaller. That's after 4 doses - 8 more to go!

I guess the only 'development' or new 'discovery' that I had yesterday was the fact that some food didn't taste normal. And more significantly, I had this metallic taste in my mouth after consuming any kind of slightly more flavorful food. Googled it and yes, that's a side effect of radiation therapy. And it takes months to get the taste buds back to optimal condition. Sometimes, it may not even be possible to get them back to their original state. Hmmmmm....

Nevertheless, I'm grateful for the weekend. And the rest that it provided. I'm grateful once again for the friends and family members who asked about my well-being. It's empowering. It's empowering to be able to recuperate, to continue gaining strength, and to become well!