What am I grateful for? Day 7

This is really interesting. I realised that there is a part of me that feels quite lousy about the situation and that part spoke up yesterday. I thought about the many things that were 'incomplete' in my life and the kinds of uncertainty that this journey brings to the table. I remember speaking to a friend recently and discovering that the key problem that I had with this journey was the fact that it slowed my life down and it compelled me to stop pushing too hard. Because, you never know what you'll be doing to yourself.

The part of me that spoke up seemed to be telling me that I was rather inadequate. It seemed to be reminding me about the imperfection(s) that I had to embrace in my life, as I stared blankly at the things that were (still are!) incomplete and not 'up to standard'.

And perhaps the voice pointing me to the imperfections is worth listening to.

Simply because that voice is a part of me. It's definitely not worth shutting it out, because we want to hear ourselves speak. We want to hear the different parts of us communicate their needs to us, so that we can do things that serve ourselves in totality.

So I asked the voice why those imperfections were so important to notice.

It didn't give me a direct answer, and so I waited. Sometimes, moments of quietness would create some space for yourself - or for parts of yourself - to say what truly matters. Empower those parts.

So after moments, that part soon began to speak and it brought me to a realisation that the various incompleteness that I had (and still have!) in front of me are not signs of inadequacy, but signs of growth. The point is not to complete all of them. The point is to move to a place where I know I can choose what to complete and what to ignore, and to be at peace with the choices that I make. And when I choose to devote myself to the things that truly matter, that's where beauty resides.

I'm grateful for this learning.

I really am.