What am I grateful for? Day 8

Treatment started again yesterday and it went on smoothly as always. A nurse came up to me after my treatment to have a chat - and no, it's not a random chat hor. I participated in some research study and somehow that meant that I had to chat with the various stakeholders to share with them my thoughts and feelings about the treatment thus far... how I was coping ... etc.

They love to ask me if I had questions, worries, doubts...and I really appreciate that. I can see how some space and an avenue to ask questions can be really helpful for many people going through the same thing. And so I posed the same old question - something that I've asked many people throughout this journey: "So... after the 12 sessions, no more cancer is it?"

And it's really interesting how many health professionals (in fact, all of them!) do not want to give a direct answer to that question. And that is probably because there's no guarantee for such things? And it got me thinking about what 'certainty' means to me. Does it mean knowing what is to come? Or does it mean knowing that whatever comes, I can get through that?