What am I grateful for? Days 12-14

I rested over the weekend and I'm glad I did that. Today's post is just a mini check-in for myself: a kind of pit-stop to get ready for the last three treatment sessions. I really hope that it'll be the last three times stepping into that room. My oncologist has arranged for a CT scan to take place at the end of June to check if I'm entirely cleared of cancer. And I can't wait for that. Apparently, the radiation treatment takes about a month to be effective, and I'm just hoping for the best. I'm sure it'll be for the best, because all things work together for the good and I believe that the Creator has orchestrated things for the best result. :)

I'll have to see the rheumatologist tomorrow, because the underlying cause of the various upsets found in my body right now... might be an autoimmune condition. The ANA test came back positive. For Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, that's a likely underlying cause. I'm grateful that these pieces of news came early - I'm still able to move around and get about my life relatively well. And I don't foresee the fatigue and/or side effects getting worse. We'll see. Let's see how it goes.

Going to be back at work on Thursday too - let's see how this goes :)

Ok lah - a little shagged. And it's okay! :)