What if I lose my job at 40?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The fear is real. At a time of your life when you've gotten used to the rhythm of things, to lose stability or be thrown into uncertainty can be really jarring. Especially if you're not 'adversity-proof'. What the heck is that? How can we continue moving forward after being thrown into a state of disarray? At such a point in our lives, we may not want to hear words of assurances because they are simply words that undermine the gravity of our situation. "I have tried everything. I have sent out my resumes. And I have done all I can. I am willing to work for less and I just want to get back into the workforce and keep moving. I need to do that to survive."

Those are the needful. Those the necessary. And yes - those must happen. And what would happen if they don't? We feel helpless. We feel like we're stuck and this form of 'stuck-ness' robs us of our joy. With such a frame of mind, we feel dis-empowered. Little things in life such as our health and our sleep would slowly get disrupted because our bodies believe that we have lost control. Or have we really?

When we are robbed of our choices in life, the tendency to stay in the helpless frame balloons into fear. We are meant to move and to make things happen in our lives. And being tied down by an invisible force that we call "adversity" makes us feel as though we have lost control when we, in actuality, are gradually and voluntarily giving it up.


Before you move your cursor to the corner of this window to click on the "X" in anger, think about what you're capable of at this moment. With just an move of your hand or finger, you can shut down this page and never ever hear from me again. You can open a new tab in your window to hide away from the words on this page because you are in control. That's right. You are. Even if, by some freak accident, your phone or computer screen is frozen, you can always switch everything off and never see this web-page again because you can simply choose to do that again.

I'm not here to say that losing one's job is an easy thing, yet I'm here to offer you a thought, that we have control of our minds to believe in whatever we want to believe in to get whatever we want. The opposite of the "helpless frame" is an "as-if frame" that enables us to make change. What specifically do you want to have right now? What prevents that and what other alternatives can you think of? What else? And just pause for a moment before answering this question again...

What else? What other alternatives can you think of?

What specifically do you want to have right now?

If you need some clarity or you just want to have a chat with someone who strongly believes in empowerment and change, scroll down to the bottom of the page and contact me for a chat. How far do you want to go? It's your choice.

It really is.