What's this thing about being young?

I think many of us young people would have had someone told us before that we needed more experience, more time, and more effort, before we were good enough for the job. And I don't mean 'job' merely in the sense of a profession. I mean, a 'job' is basically anything that you can do or a task that you can complete.

It's a belief that must be broken. An old belief, I must say. It's a belief that age is wisdom and experience is g(old). And don't get me wrong - there are merits to age and one will also realise how freshness and energy that the young have can also bring about newness and change.

Let no one. Let no one despise your youth.

As we grow up and as we integrate into society, we pick up various rules and we come up with various patterns through which we learn how to see the world, how to listen to the words of others, and how to behave in this world. We have certain protocols put in place and we have certain strategies - tried and tested ones - that can help us continue breathing and surviving. We have in place huge walls and fortresses that can surround us and protect us, although they also

hem us in.

You see - I wonder what surviving is all about when what we can do is to thrive. I wonder when those walls that we use to protect ourselves will eventually crumble and fall, causing us to look within and ask ourselves what the debris around us can amount to?

It's beautiful to see children play. And to hear the laughter of youths and young people as we chat about things in our lives and jostle with joy simply because we can. Have you ever wondered why babies can cry all night without getting a sore throat the next morning? It's amazing - it's amazing how our body works. We were meant to relax. We were meant to take it easy. We grow up and impose rules on ourselves, and even physiologically, as adults, we tighten up our throats when we cry, such that we get hurt even as we do what's totally human: express ourselves through tears. We were meant to soar, and now, at a certain age, it's easy to get a sore throat, muscle soreness, and what not. Because we aren't used to leaping and having fun anymore. We don't know how to play anymore.

Young people out there - and I mean anyone who is willing to look at yourself and to unlearn what you have learnt over the years. To get unstuck, to be young again, and to move forward. The world will miss out on the value you can bring and on the light that you have IF you choose to age, and IF you choose to stay inside. Stay dead inside.

It's time to become alive again, isn't it? The playground's empty today.