What you see may not be reality

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

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Here's the thing: in the nlp model of the world, what we see in reality will definitely not be the exact objective thing out there because our brains



GENERALISE information.

We should be grateful for such natural processes though. Imagine remembering every single face you see daily. Imagine remembering the various minute details around you every single moment everywhere you go. It won't be long before you get overwhelmed. Simply recall a time when you can't fall asleep because your mind just keeps on going and repeating the events of your day. Shag right?

To save us from overloading our brains, we delete, distort, and generalise our experiences. Things that do not matter are excluded or forgotten, while things that we value stay with us for a long time. We pick out what is important to us and leave out the less important, the less significant, and the items that do not really matter to us.

And that means we may leave out possibilities in front of us as well. We may unconsciously ignore options and alternatives available to us because of our current belief and value systems, and in the long run, we lose out on what we can possibly become. We miss out on our fullest potential.

I was a part of the Civil Service and as an educator, I had the opportunity and the privilege to do what I loved best - to plant the seed of growth in students and to see them grow to become the best that they could be. Nevertheless, there were many other aspects to being a civil servant that didn't sit well with me. (Check out my plays at Split Theatre to find out more.) I had a route in front me. A very comfortable route in fact - it was easy to stay in the government teaching service and do what I could with the resources I had. It was a viable and a good choice if that was in line with my life's mission.

I wanted to do something more. I wanted to do more coaching. And I hated administrative work that, to me, held meaning that did not matter. Nevertheless, my brain deleted the possibility of working as a freelance coach. My brain distorted reality for me because I had the belief that I needed to be sure of success before I moved across industries. I was so afraid of failing that I made a generalisation: a possible mis-step was, to me, a possible "big decision-making failure that I could not afford". And the deletion, distortion, and generalisation kept me blinded to the possibilities out there.

What about you? What have you deleted, distorted, or generalised for yourself, such that you're missing out on the possibilities out there?

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