Online Course: Your Identity, Your Goal, Your Communication

Online Course: Your Identity, Your Goal, Your Communication


At a young age, it can be difficult to lead and influence. It can be frustrating to hear someone tell you that you need more time, you need more experience, and you need more skills.


"Give it some time, and you'll get your turn." they say. And you wonder when that can really happen.


Sometimes, deep down, you want to make a change in your organisation, in your team, and amongst your peers, yet you can't seem to get a firm grip on yourself - who you are and what you want. At times, you may seem to have that grip, yet the words that come out of your mouth just don't cut it. You know you are capable enough to be greater than you are. You see that you "have it within you". You just feel that. And that's a possible thing to be. When you know specifically who you are, what you want, and how to say it.


That's exactly what this course is about. You'll reflect on your life's mission and hear what's really important to you. You'll craft a goal and achieve it. You'll learn how to express how you feel objectively, so that you can see the change that you want, and you'll  learn how to go against the norm respectfully and effectively, so that you'll influence others, young and old, to be open to more options and possibilities. If this is what you want, get access to your course now. No one can say that you don't really know what you're saying, because you are sure of that. And that's something no one can take away from you.


Upon purchase, you'll get instant lifetime access to the online modules.

Please check your email (including junk mail) for the link to access the course. Should you wish to rent the introductory module for 24 hours instead, just to get a taste of things, click here.


At You Matter, we seek to provide high value through our coaching and training. A lifetime access to the course therefore means that you'll continue to benefit from the improvement and upgrades made to the course during your lifetime. 

  • We Promise You High Value:

    Module 1 - Introduction and Your Mission

    Who are you, and why do you exist?


    Module 2 - Your Values

    What's really important for you?


    Module 3 - Your Specific Goal

    What do you really want? 

    You'll be crafting a project goal at the end of this module and you will be committing to its completion within 6 months.


    Module 4 - Building Rapport and Crafting I-Statements

    How can you express how you really feel?


    Module 5 - The Meta Model

    How do you lead and influence with confidence?


    Trainer: Darryl Lim 

    Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach (NLP Association of Singapore)
    Certified NLP Trainer (NLPEA)


  • Objectives and Presuppositions

    By the end of the course:

    You'll learn about who you are, what you want, and how you can speak out.

    You would have crafted a project goal and you would have committed to its completion within 6 months. AWESOME outcomes await you!


    Three Presuppositions:

    Let not anyone despise your youth.

    You are doing the best you can with the resources you have.


    At Cause or At Effect – You decide.

    Your results are your responsibility.


    Blame or Outcome – You decide.

    Resistance is a sign of a lack of rapport.


    Should you want to get three one-to-one coaching sessions and an email tutor to supplement your course, click here. With coaching and an email tutor to give you feedback on your assignments, you'll be compelled to dig deeper into who you truly are, what you really want, and how you can communicate with confidence and gusto.


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